The Elder Scrolls Online’s Combat to Stay True to the Elder Scrolls Franchise

Looks like ZeniMax is finally ready to spill some details about their upcoming Elder Scrolls Online MMO game.

A PvP developer of the game by the name of Brian Wheeler has just taken part in a huge AMA on the Elitist Jerks forums in which he reveals much about the game and Cyrodil.

There were many questions asked but one that caught my eye was about the combat. Someone asked Wheeler if the combat in the game was going to be more akin to Skyrim or World of Warcraft (i.e whether you would be aiming your autoattacks and spells or just click on a target and the computer attacks it until it dies). Brian responded by saying that the combat would be staying true to the Elder Scrolls franchise:

Combat is very Elder Scrollsey (insert trademark here). It’s mouse driven (on the PC/Mac) and you aim a reticule on top of the target you want to hit. Clicking the left mouse button will attack and right click will block. There is no “auto-attack” and combat is very rewarding because of that because it keeps you immersed in the world and actively fighting your target just like Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind and all the Elder Scrolls games.

Wheeler also mentions that the gameworld of Cyrodil is pretty massive, saying that it would take you about 20-30 minutes to cross it north to south on foot. I recommend you check out the thread in the source, especially because it’s sorted with links to the various things he talks about for easy navigation.

Source: Elitist Jerks