Killzone: Shadow Fall and Dead Rising 3 Unofficial Sales Stats Revealed

Apparently accurate as of December 20, Killzone: Shadow Fall has sold about one million copies since it’s release on the PlayStation 4. Alongside it, the Xbox One exclusive Dead Rising 3 has also sold over 600,000 copies. Congratulations to both Guerrilla Games and Capcom for the amazing numbers.

The news comes via Insiderp, who state quite clearly that the numbers are not official from Sony or Microsoft, but come throught he efforts of independent trackers, MPD and GFK in Asia and western Europe.

They also state that around 27% of the sales for Killzone come as a result of bundles. Apparently the game crossed the 1 million threshold following the console’s launch in Korea on 17 December.

Join the fight against the tyrannical forces of the Helghast in Killzone: Shadow Fall or step into the shoes of Nick Ramos in Dead Rising as he tries his best to survive in and get out of the hell that has become of Los Perdidos. Both games are quite excellent launch titles for their respective consoles and are iconic franchises.

Meanwhile I’m just sitting here waiting for Watch Dogs to come out.

Which game do you think is better, and which console have you bought? (or are you sticking to your PC like me?) Comment below and let us know.