CD Projekt RED Targeting 30 FPS for The Witcher 3 on Consoles

If a certain thread on NeoGAF is to be believed, Italian website PC Gaming has recently interviewed the head programmer at CD Projeckt RED; Balázs Török, who had some interesting things to say about some of the technical aspects of the Witcher 3. For one, that they were targeting a 30 FPS benchmark for the console version of the game.

Török said that they, at CD Projeckt RED always “aim for the highest graphics quality”, but that this would impose certain limitations on what they can do. He mentions that they hadn’t reached the point where they were ready to talk details about resolutions, but that they were trying to reach for 30 FPS.

On the PC side of things, he had quite a bit to say about nVidia PhyX and how they were using as a base for their cloth simulation and destruction systems:

Currently, we’re using a system for destructibility and cloth simulation which is based on NVIDIA PhysX, more specifically using APEX

If you can read Italian, then you can check out the original source website here. But for the rest of us, we’ll have to content ourselves with this translation here.

I don’t know if people will be comfortable with 30 FPS, but I believe it’s regarded as the golden standard for most open world games these days, so I’m fine with that.