Titanfall: New Trailer Introduces the Stryder Titan

The recent VGX awards (formerly known as Videos Gaming Awards) showcased a short teaser for Titanfall where we glimpsed the Stryder Titan. Respawn Entertainment has now released a full blown trailer which introduces us to the said Titan and offers a closer look into how it works.

The Stryder is not your ultimate war machine but instead is meant for scouting purposes where players can take use of its enhanced speed and agility. Players piloting a Stryder can move through a battlefield in record time and also secure objectives faster than any other Titan.

Respawn didn’t offer more information such as how much damage it can able to do or how much armor would it be packing. Considering that it’s an agility based Titan, it probably is boasting light armor.

Titanfall will release March 11, 2014 for PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.