Starbound Boss Guide – How To Defeat

In Starbound, there are a total of four boss fights. The players should consider taking these bosses out because it not only makes to the progression of the game but these bosses also drop certain items, which are useful for unlocking other sectors and crafting items/workstations.

Starbound Boss Battles

Penguin UFO
Penguin UFO is the boss whom you will encounter in the Alpha Sector. Taking the UFO out is important not only for story progression but for getting Molten Core, which is an important ingredient for unlocking Beta Sector.

Prior to taking out UFO, you should consider equipping yourself with a decent weapon; preferably, a gun and an armor. Your Hunting Bow and Hunting Knife will not work against it. You can refer to our Starbound Coordinates Guide for more information about locating Gun Shops.

Note: Sometimes, the UFO will not drop the Molten Core so you may have to destroy it multiple times.

Your next step should be building a long walkway above the ground level so that you can easily avoid the land creatures. Once you have created the walkway, summon the boss using the beacon. Having a gun at your disposal will help you immensely in taking out the UFO and its creatures.

Once you have damaged the UFO below 50% of its HP; it will start teleporting and will drop over your character. Avoiding this is crucially important as it can drain you of your HP in no time.

Dragon King
The second boss you will encounter is the Dragon King. Just like the UFO, taking out the Dragon King is important because it not only helps you in the story progression but also to unlock X Sector.

And like I have afore mentioned for the UFO, you should consider taking out the Dragon King with a gun and not with your regular weapon.

Once you have equipped your gun and the armor, use Decoy Princess to summon the boss. However, before doing it, build a closed compartment with a few small openings. The openings must be large enough to give you a good aim at the Dragon King.

Keep on shooting the boss until it drops. You can also try using the Gravity Bubble tech, but it might not turn out to be good for you. For more information on how to build Decoy Princess and Gravity Bubble tech, check out our Starbound Unlocking Sectors guide.

Artificial Robots
Defeating this will get you the Processor. The first thing you want to do is to craft a Brain Extractor from metal workstation. Once you have equipped the Brain Extractor, start on a monster killing spree until you get the Superior Brain.

With the Superior Brain at your disposal, craft an Artificial Brain. Now that you have an Artificial Brain, you are ready to craft the robots. Once you have created the robot; place it in a closed vicinity with a small space for you to attack. Keep on creating the robots and killing them until you get the Processor.

Jelly King
The first thing you need to make is Peanut Butter Trap from Creature Capture Station. Once you have crafted this item, head out to an open area and make a close compartment around yourself with a very minute opening through which you can take aim and shoot.

The Jelly King is pretty easy boss, and once you have taken it out; you will get the Endomorphine Jelly.

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