Minecraft: Patch 1.02 for PS3 Fixes Chat and Audio

Developer 4J Studios has confirmed today that the new Patch 1.02 for Minecraft on the PS3 is now available for download.

“We’re hoping patch 1.02 for #MinecraftPS3 will roll out later today in North America. Just waiting for some people in the US to wake up,” the developer tweeted.

The new update is said to fix issues relating to the game’s chat and audio. There were a number of other bugs reported by players on the game’s forum, including save file corruption, but 4J has not released a changelog. Hence, it’s unsure whether this update fixes those problems as well or will players have to wait for a future patch.

Minecraft will also be heading for the new PlayStation 4. A release date has not been announced but details on the port have been promised for “early next year”. Those deciding whether to pick the game up for either the PS3 or PS4; it’s better to wait for the next-gen version which will probably release next year.