Going on a Real-Life GTA V Rampage Would Cause Over $8m in Damage Every Hour

Ever wonder how much a GTA V rampage would actually cost in terms of real-life damage? Insurance experts in Germany were apparently wondering just that and hence have produced a damage report for the game.

Allianz bosses Robert Übler and Alexander Drumm considered a play time session of 1hr 39min, where they reported that they were able to do around $13 million in total damage. Furthermore the experts mentioned that any player in GTA V can cause around $8 million worth of damage every hour without trying too hard.

In their session, Übler and Drumm took down a chopper, which alone is over $2 million. Railway tracks, along with two gas turbine 18 locomotives were destroyed; chalking up to more than $10 million in total. Other weaponry such as Molotov cocktails, rifles, launches were also take into the count.

This doesn’t really mean that you can’t do more damage than the mentioned figure. Any other could possibly wreak havoc on the city and cause more damage than what the Allianz team managed.

GTA V delivered in on its hyper as being the most anticipated game this year. Rockstar’s phenomenal work on the latest entry in the grand theft auto franchise resulted in the title breaking six Guinness records since its release. It generated $815.7 million in the first 24 hours of its launch, which is the highest revenue raked in by an entertainment product ever in the said time frame.

via Digital Trends