Tropico 5 All Set for 2014, Gets New Screenshots

El Presidente is all set for ruling the island once more in 2014, Haemimont Games are working hard on the next installment in the Tropico series as evidenced by the new screenshots that the publisher Kalypso Media has shared for Tropico 5.

The construction and management game is slated to get its fifth installment in April next year when, it was previously confirmed, that the players will resume the role of El Presidente once more.

New screenshots for Tropico 5 show certain industrial and residential sectors though the exact time period that they are from could not be judged from the screenshots themselves.

The time period is important because in Tropico 5 El PResidente will be sending his people back and forth in time which means we could be looking at any period from the World Wars or the Cold War or whatever that Doctor Who of his own kind has in store.

The imperialistic leaders that will be pawing the island will be at play once more which means you will again need to get the best out of it for yourself. The developer also has plans of adding scientific research, merchant fleet, co-op mode and competitive multiplayer mode to the game.

I cant wait to see how Tropico 5 would play out in the competitive mode but do you think it will affect the single player campaign’s importance in the game? you wouldn’t want that would you?