Guacamelee is Coming to PS4 and Xbox One? No Official Word Yet

Interestingly, news has surfaced that one of the best platformer games, Guacamelee might be getting a port into the next generation, but the developer is not in the mood to share their comments with us.

The story is, a post appeared a while back on IGN announcing that Guacamelee PS4 and Xbox One versions had been confirmed but the post was then removed.

More interestingly, when Polygon contacted the game developer Drinkbox Studios with an intention to get a clarification on the topic, a representative from the studio responded by saying “what’s Guacamelee?”

The post by IGN which seemed pretty well informed on the game and the content in it had dubbed the game as Guacamelee! Super Turbo Champion Edition. It was further reported that there will be new worlds, new enemies, new abilities as well as better graphics.

One of the abilities that was detailed in the post was called “chicken-bomb” while the better graphics are supposed to factor enhanced visuals as well as particle effects.

Guacamelee was largely appreciated by the community when it released to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita back in April and Microsoft Window in August – we sincerely hope that the game will get the alleged PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports.

Have you tried out the game yet? More importantly who wants to see the Mexicanos in action on the next generation?