Video Game Publishers That Allow Let’s Play Youtube Monetization

In the wake of the recent YouTube copyright claims, most of which have proved to be ridiculous, an independent developer has announced plans to organize a movement in a revolt.

Lars Doucet, cofounder of Defender’s Quest developer Level Up Labs, has created a wikia directory page called WhoLetsPlay which lists all the publishers who allow monetized Let’s Play Videos and who don’t.

Video creators and current channel owners can browse through the list and know if the claims to their videos are indeed legit or not. Each publisher for Youtube Monetization is divided into three categories:

  • YES – Allows Let’s Play AND allows them to be monetized.
  • MAYBE – Might allow monetization under some circumstances, or it is unknown.
  • No – Does not allow monetization.

However, Doucet explained that the situation is more complicated because many of the copyright claims are the result of YouTube’s ContentID system automatically flagging music.

“Right now, there’s an issue with music,” Doucet said. “Many developers, small and large, license music non-exclusively. This means the musician owns the music, but gives the developers some rights (namely to use it in their game). This means that *technically* it’s not legally clear-cut (again, I’m not a lawyer) that the developer has the right to grant permission for fans to make monetized videos that include the music.”

“This ambiguity leads to situations where 3rd party licensors and Youtube can actually issue takedown notices and content-ID matches to developers for hosting THEIR OWN OFFICIAL TRAILERS or THEIR OWN MUSIC, in order to ‘protect them. Insane, right?” he added.

Doucet added that the overall situation is very bad for everyone, developers included, because now they will be pressured to secure exclusive music rights to their games. This ultimately means more expenses.

YouTube is currently standing by its content ID system and is recommending Let’s Play creators to make videos without music, which we all can agree is hardly an option.

Source: WhoLetsPlay