Release Reel – The Walking Dead Season 2, Battlefield 4, Minecraft And More

In our latest Release Reel segment, we remind you that this week has quite a few additions you may want to put into your growing gaming catalog. In just two minutes, we’ll be discussing what types of big titles have come up throughout the week, so stay tuned in case you missed any.

The whole clip is narrated by yours truly, because perhaps you may enjoy being guided through fast-cutting sections of game footage. We enjoy guiding you along.

One of the more important releases you can see on various networks this week is The Walking: Dead Season Two. It starts off with the first episode called All That Remains and features Clementine from the first run of the game.

For shooter fans, we remind you that Battlefield 4 is still very much a thing and despite technical difficulties, there is an addition out for the popular franchise. You can find the China Rising expansion, if you manage to not let your games crash.

Did you know that Minecraft is a new game? Well, technically it is, but only for some Playstation fans. That will satiate your lust for sandbox games on Sony’s machine.

If you’re more into portable access, then Terraria has the same grandiose feel, but in 2D and on PS Vita. It was previously already accessible on Playstation 3. Don’t forget to check Mutant Mudds Deluxe on both platforms.

Steam has one major release you may have seen. For zombie survival, you can get cracking with DayZ, out on Early Access now. Try giving Ballpoint Universe some love too, because it’s definitely the underdog here.

Technically, Nintendo has some eShop releases, as every week as well. It’s perfect if you don’t know what major titles to pick up there.

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