MotoGP 13 Compact Comes To Playstation On January 8 For A Small Price

Developer Milestone is making good on its previously promised announcements, as it sets a release date for MotoGP 13 Compact in Europe on January 8, 2014 for Playstation Vita and Playstation 3. This main iteration already existed, but the company wanted to make an accessible version for digital downloads as well.

Compact will, as the name suggests, cut some of the trim in the main release. For instance, there is no Time Attack mode and no real world event updates.

Its biggest omission to fit size restraints is cutting down all but one racing category. In Compact, there is only the MotoGP class and so no Moto2 or Moto3 material is present in this version. You’ll need to stick to the original to work from the ground floor up.

You will, however, be able to partake in either the regular Grand Prix with any driver or run the whole list of tracks in Championship. Furthermore, you can take the action online or play in split screen with friends.

Milestone only recently picked the banner back up for the MotoGP series. It had been absent for a few years, while Capcom did the development and scrapped a few platforms.

With this new release, most devices can partake in realistic bike races once more. This is what developer Milestone excels at; also being responsible for franchises such as WRC driving games.

Moreover, it looks like the company is making good on its word of a slimmer price. We previously discussed that Compact would need to be tiny in price, to overcome the main release being on sale already.

A Playstation 3 version of MotoGP 13 Compact costs €14.99 and the PS Vita edition is down to €9.99.