Insurgency Update Has Free Map, Better Sounds – 50% Off On Steam

Online multiplayer shooter Insurgency has released a sizable update for its PC game, currently in Early Access on Steam. Along with fixes, this patch comes with some new content, which will be added free of charge.

Most importantly, there’s a whole new map to enjoy. Remember when shooters added maps, instead of selling them in packs? Well, with Peak, you get just that. Moreover, it supports most game modes.

Other locations receive some tweaks as well, which include the maps Siege, District, Ministry and Heights.

A new “focus” element will allow players to sprint and scope for a little while. Apparently, that’s doable. Meanwhile, going prone should now be less exploitable, as the camera is adjusted to reflect the player’s position better.

Reticles for the Sniper, 4X, Kobra and Eotech have been modified. Guns will also once more work with shell ejection.

On the other side of fixes, Insurgency is implementing a large arrangement of adjustments to 3D voice (VOIP). Sounds should now be tweaked to have much lower range, making them less audible for enemies.

Furthermore, facing someone or not will affect how well you can be heard. This is equally true for any object blocking the path, such as walls and so on.

If this sounds interesting to you, then feel free to grab this realistic shooter on Steam, while it slashes 50% off the price for the Steam Holiday Sale.

You can also see a new gameplay trailer for Insurgency.