GTA Online Gets Capture Mode, Creator Tool and New Vehicles This Week

Rockstar have just announced a new event that will be taking place for the members of the GTA Online Social Club this weekend. The main event is the showcasing of the Creator Tool where players can check out and try the numerous user-made content that’s been made so far.

Rockstar will personally be on the lookout for some outstanding Races and Deathmatches crafted by the community and will be doling out rewards to the tune of one million GTA Dollars and an exclusive vanity license plate.

If you think, your job has a potential, head to the GTA Online section of Social Club and go to the job you want. Now you need to edit a tag in the details. Do so and add #CreatorWeekend to the edit box and click Save. Based on how many up votes your job gets, there will be five jobs that will be shortlisted the finalists are also based on ‘the discerning tastes of Rockstar Developers.

There’s also the new capture game mode, and players will be able to claim an edge in Capture Jobs with 25% discounts on the Adder, the Dinka Double-T and the Buzzard, plus 50% off all Armor vehicle upgrades. Furthermore, Races and Death matches will be a free entry all weekend.

Lastly, there will be a livestream held by Rockstar devs themselves as they show us some features of the Creator Tools and gameplay of the capture mode.

Source: Social Club