Dragon’s Crown Patch Raises Level Cap to 255 and Adds another Dungeon

The fantasy action RPG from Atlus, Dragon’s Crown just received another patch.

The sword and sorcery based side-scroller is bound to get a bit more interesting with a newly improved ultimate difficulty mode that will now let you play for a higher-level cap and a new dungeon.

The update comes with new features that will let you choose the ultimate difficulty mode at the temple after the Labyrinth of Chaos’ level 9.

You also get to play the Sky Road of Dreams dungeon while you are in the ultimate difficulty mode. Check out the full patch notes of the patch:


  • Improved operational stability under certain circumstances.


  • If you clear the ninth level of the Labyrinth of Chaos you can now select the “ultimate” level of difficulty at the temple.
  • When you’re playing on “ultimate” you can access the new automatically generated dungeon “Sky Road of Dreams.”
  • On “ultimate” difficulty the level cap has been raised from level 99 to level 255.
  • Both the up arrows and the L button can now be individually used as item shortcuts.
  • Damage can now be displayed as a total number.
  • Silhouettes can now be displayed on the foreground to improve visibility.
  • On a save game with a cleared game it’s possible to skip the initial phase of the story with new characters and start with the search for the talismans.
  • It’s possible to skip quests that have already been completed once.


  • Adjusted skill effects and actions for each class.
  • Adjusted behavior of NPCs.
  • Adjusted effects and rules of equipment and items in the Arena.
  • Made all round improvements to the system in order to enhance operability and ease of use.

What do you plan to do now that you get more levels to play in the Dragon’s Crown?