Bioware on Status of Dragon Age: Inquisition and Why You Should Care

It seems that Bioware has absolutely no qualms about pushing the visual and graphical fidelity of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 to the absolute limits, if these screenshots are any indication.

Mark Darrah of Bioware has just made a post on the Bioware Blog with an update on Dragon Age: Inquisition revealing what they’ve one so far for the ‘Holiday Build’.

Mark clarifies what a Holiday Build is; apparently, what they do at Bioware is that they assemble whatever parts of the game they’ve managed to make so far and try to create a build that’s as complete of an experience as they can.

They do this so that their employees can play the game during their holiday break and look at it from a fresh perspective. Mark also mentions what the holiday build for now focuses on:

  • The main storyline completely playable from beginning to end
  • All of the gameplay systems working together
  • Starting VO recording for large parts of the game
  • Getting music in
  • Making sure that each class has a distinctive feel
  • Getting our tech locked down
  • Getting a lot more content a lot further along

Lastly, Mark also explains the process behind the critique of the various environments and areas in the game. It’s quite interesting to see the initial shot of an area then see the improvements they make after assessing what it lacks and potential enhancements.

I do recommend the gallery; some of the artwork is quite stunning. Oh and if you want some clarification about the points, Darrah listed above, go ahead and read up on the post, it’s quite enlightening.