Time to Say Goodbye to North Yankton in GTA 5 with Update 1.08

It has been a while since the Grand Theft Auto 5 fans have been able to squeeze into the North Yankton area that was revealed through a glitch in the game. Obviously that wasn’t supposed to last forever, and Rockstar have finally decided to pull the plug on it.

The latest title update for GTA 5 has fixed the glitch hence making the North Yankton area unreachable for players.

Don’t know what North Yankton was? Well, remember the snowy area where the single player campaign’s prologue was based in? It wasn’t supposed to be there in the game but a bizarre glitch put it up in the air floating with the clouds where players could reach it with a helicopter.

The Grand Theft Auto 5 Title Update 1.08 has, sadly, fixed this along with providing a long list of other updates to the game.

These include increased cash payouts to the losing teams in deathmatches as well as the last team standing. Same goes for multi-lap race games too. Rockstar claims that deathmatch spawns in the game were previously too far apart and that they have been improved.

You can visit the official Rockstar website in case you are interested in knowing what else has been touched upon by the update.

How many of you had been visiting the neighborhood in the clouds above Los Santos? Would you be sad that Grand Theft Auto 5 will no longer let you go there?