Thief: Stories from the City Trailer #2 Features The Queen of the Beggars

Looks like Eidos Montreal have just released a new Stories from the City video, this one focusing on Granny Rags from Dishonored the Queen of the Beggars. Oh Eidos, what are you doing to my beloved series.

The Queen of the Beggars is shown in the video as a crafty and wily character following the Chessmaster/Mastermind trope. She’s a blind old woman, but it is implied that she can see through the eyes of the rats in the city. The trailer doesn’t necessarily portray her as a villain, but rather a person looking to preserve the city and the balance of power in it.

Judging by how Garret seems to turn into the Knight on the chessboard (That the old crazy coot is playing by herself on), she’s going to be a sort of guiding hand for Garret, whom he initially mistrusts but eventually comes to value as an ally. Of course, that’s just speculation on my part.

Honestly speaking, this video is miles better than the other one we had about Garret’s motivations for doing the things he does.

I have no problem with this character or even the fact that she looks and seems a lot like a certain character from a certain other stealth game. It’s just that everything else that has been revealed about the game is thoroughly rustling my jimmies.

I can’t help but feel like a person watching two cars speeding towards each other in slow motion, yelling at them in futility. However, I can’t look away because there’s just a tiny chance that it’s all part of a stunt, and I’m about to witness something spectacular.