The Best Racing Games of 2013

It is that time of the year when most of what the year had to offer has passed us by, and we get ready to reflect back to all that we have experienced and start to judge the merits of its offerings.

We here at Segment Next have compiled our own best of 2013 for every category of games that came out during the year.

The following article will present five best games in its particular category, and the winner will be determined by the result of the reader poll in the coming month.

Best Racing Games of 2013

Whether it be for the love of cars, the sense of speed or the spirit of competition, racing games have been a beloved staple of video game industry from the start.

2013 was a good year for the racing genre as it featured releases of several noted franchises, with the following five coming on top:

Forza Motorsport 5
Bringing the car simulation and racing to the next generation of consoles, Fortza Motorsport 5 brought an unprecedented quality of visual fidelity and attention to detail to the franchise, which is clearly evident in the new Fortzavista mode.

Aside from the visuals, the game also features stellar sound design, 200 highly detailed cars from 80 manufacturers as well as 27 racing circuits for the fans of the series to enjoy. While the number of cars and tracks may seem stinted compared to Fortza 4, the game offered improvements in detail, lighting and handling certainly provide a flare that makes it decidedly next-gen.

Grid 2
Sequel to the 2008 racer; Race Driver: Grid, Grid 2 featured a story about a fiction global racing league called World Series Racing, which existed to service stylistic context for and between different races as the player went racing around the globe.

While the number or tracks and cars do not compare to Fortza or GT, Grid 2 manages to deliver an impressive detail in cars as well as real-world tracks and deliver a sense of speed and arcadiness that is absent from the aforementioned racing series.

Mixing simulation with arcade racing, the flashback system and the handling of the cars makes gameplay arcade-like whereas the damage effects bring an element of sim like strategy in the grind. This allows Grid 2 to provide a unique experience that is a middle ground between serious sim racing and off the walls arcade style brawls.

Need For Speed: Rivals
Rivals is a new brand in the ever popular Need for Speed franchise that offers an open world racing experience which takes cue from the past games like the Hot Pursuit series as well as the Most Wanted.

With copious amount of atmosphere effects, interesting customization, weapons, upgrades and a very precise and responsive car handling, Rivals delivers a car dueling experience that certainly eclipses Need For Speed’s past efforts with its Hot Pursuit games.

Featuring amazing visuals, evoking sound design, trilling sense of speed and action-filled bouts with destructible environments and competing police cars, Rivals elevates the franchise and delivers a true next step into adrenaline filled arcade racing genre.

F1 2013
Based on the 2013 season of Formula One, the fifth iteration of Criterion’s F1 game franchise features all 11 teams, 22 drivers, Grand Prix and 19 circuits of the 2013 season with a ‘Classic Mode’ offering additional drivers, cars and tracks from the past.

The game featured the series’ traditional hard to master F1simulation gameplay where the player earns his or her way through the season’s races. However, the game did change it up by offering a slew of different modes for players to experience.

In the addition to the content, the game delivered a very visually detailed and audially accurate feel of F1 racing and an experience worthy of the admiration of people that love the sport of Formula One.

Gran Turismo 6
Following the illustrious Gran Turismo trend of providing peerless handling mechanics with astoundingly realistic graphics, GT6 was the franchise’s last outing on the PS3 system and while though not a revolutionary step from GT5, the game managed to refine a couple of issues that players had with its previous outing.

Gran Turismo 6 introduced a brand new and much easier user interface as well as a save system that reduced loading times significantly. Moreover, the game featured more than 1200 cars, 37 distinct locations, 100 different race tracks as well as new modes like Special events like lunar exploration and GT Vision, which allowed players to receive new concept cars.