The Best Platformers of 2013

It is that time of the year when most of what the year had to offer has passed us by, and we get ready to reflect back to all that we have experienced and start to judge the merits of its offerings.

We here at Segment Next have compiled our own best of 2013 for every category of games that came out during the year.

The following article will present five best games in its particular category, and the winner will be determined by the result of the reader poll in the coming month.

Best Platforming Games of 2013

Once called the king of all gaming genres, Platformers have since gone down in their popularity and thus lost some of their luster, especially in terms of quantity of titles available.

2013 seems to have been good to the genre with the release of a couple of anticipated sequels as well as a few surprises additions.

Super Mario 3D World
A spiritual sequel to 3DS game; Super Mario 3D Land, 3D World brings the series to the Wii-U allowing players to explore the games ingeniously designed levels with five playable characters, each with their own unique abilities.

With four players simultaneous play, Miiverse community integration, new power-ups and WiiU gamepad functionality, Super Mario 3D World offers an immensely enjoyable experience than can last for days on end.

Rayman Legends
Direct sequel to 2011’s Rayman Origins, Legends features the familiar motley crew from the Rayman series, the same lums collecting action and four player platforming fun but with addition of a plethora of new content.

With its creative level design, wonderful platforming mechanics, delightful visual style and over 120 levels to conquer, Legends offered a refreshingly light hearted yet deep gameplay with enough content to satisfy young and experienced gamers for hours on end.

Skylanders Swap Force
The third iteration of the Skylanders franchise that finds its roots in the classic Spyro games, Swap Force continued the Skylander games’ tradition of gameplay based on bringing actual figurines into the digital sphere and allowing the gamer to play as them.

With this new entry, Swap Force presented the swappable Skylanders which allowed players to come up with a total of 256 combination options between top and bottom halves and allowing them to explore and access every area in the game.

With its hack and slash gameplay, platforming challenges and fun story and presentation, Sky Force offers gameplay experience that is suitable and entertaining for all ages.

Guacamelee! Is a 2D action-platforming game that is set in a world inspired by the rich Mexican culture, traditions and folklore, featuring a buff Mexican luchador trying to rescue his love interest from vile skeleton Calaca.

The game followed the metroidvania template of open-world action-platforming and a deep combat system which included launchers, air combos and grapples like pile-drivers

Guacamelee! was not only amazing to look at, it was also immensely fun to play and gave players an experience that was unique, stylish and charming.

Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark
A fast-paced stealth, puzzle platformer, Stealth Inc featured a nameless clone trying to maneuver through one test chamber after another to find its way to freedom.

Presenting an experience akin to that of Portal games, A Clone in the Dark presented very tight puzzle and platforming mechanics that also had the Super Meat Boy type instant death, infinite lives system that punished carelessness and rewarded exploration, planning and execution.

What set the game apart from the rest of its puzzle-platforming ilk was the overall character of the game and the design of the atmosphere presented. It was a truly game that was mechanically fascinating and held the player’s attention right until the end.