The Best Fighting Games of 2013

It is that time of the year when most of what the year had to offer has passed us by, and we get ready to reflect back to all that we have experienced and start to judge the merits of its offerings.

We here at Segment Next have compiled our own best of 2013 for every category of games that came out during the year.

The following article will present five best games in its particular category, and the winner will be determined by the result of the reader poll in the coming month.

Best Fighting Game of 2013

Thanks to the rebirth of the Fighting Game industry in the last few years, the genre is finally starting to take new risks.

2013 was not only home to anticipated sequels but also brand new IPs as well as the resurgence of a franchise long thought dead.

Injustice: gods Among Us
Learning from the success of its Mortal Kombat reboot, Neitherrealm Studios brought similar attention to gameplay systems and singleplayer options to the table with DC’s superhero intellectual property.

Not just settling on Mortal Kombat’s gameplay mechanics, Injustice brought with it a new system that focused on displaying power of the superheroes and villains features in the game by featuring transitions between environments, use of stage hazards and unique power systems that shifted it away from the stigma of an MK clone and into a full-fledged franchise of its own.

Killer Instinct
After decades of absence, Killer Instinct brand has been brought back to life in form of a franchise reboot presented for the rabid Fighting Game Community that has held its breath for years in anticipation for its release.

The game continues the franchises focus on huge combos and combo breakers but its features re-imagining of classing KI characters, flashy graphics, dynamic soundtrack and additions that bring Killer Instinct gameplay systems into the modern era.

Killer Instinct also features a brand-new business model for fighting games with its free to play / pay for character system that could prove to be revolutionary for the fighting game genre.

Dive Kick
A game that truly personifies the saying “by the gamers for the gamers” Dive Kick is a product that comes from the Fighting Game Community and is an amalgam of character, story and gameplay references from across the spectrum of past and present fighting game franchises and the terminology and humor unique to the Fighting Game Community.

Relying on minimum flash and focusing purely on the concept of footsies and the pure and distilled essence of fighting game gameplay, Dive Kick offers a no frills experience that is at the same time simple and deep and an experience that is simply pure fighting game fun.

Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus R
Essentially an update on the Guilty Gear’s third full installment; XX, Accent Core Plus R features reworked balance through addition and changes in properties of existing moves for the regular characters as well as re-balancing of the two boss characters.

Featuring the same fast paced 2D fighting gameplay that is adored by the Guilty Gear fans, Accent Core Plus R features return of all 25 characters with the returning gameplay modes and all the game systems that has made the series what it is.

The game is the last iteration of the Guilty Gear series in its current form as the series is set to change its very core through Guilty Gear Xrd. Hence Accent Core Plus R is the last time the players would be able to experience the series in all its complex glory.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 returns the responsive controls, high speed combat and the visual spectacle of the mystical characters of Naruto franchise duking it out that has made the Ultimate Ninja Storm series so popular with the fans.

The third numbered iteration also presented a modification to the game systems with health bars for assist characters and interactive backgrounds as well as mob battle mode where players are able to battle a series of enemies.

Featuring the largest cast of 80 characters from the Naruto universe, Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 offers an ultimate fighting game experience for all the fans of the Manga/ Anime franchise.