Starbound – How to Unlock All Sectors

Unlocking sectors in Starbound holds quite significance as it not only allows you to explore different planets of the universe, but you can also find stuff like armor, weapons, and matter blocks.

In addition to this, unlocking these sectors is a must for story progression and boss fights. There are a total of 5 sectors that players can explore. The Alpha Sector is unlocked by default; as for other 4 sectors, read on!

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Beta Sector
In order to unlock the Beta Sector, you will need to complete UFO boss fight. Once the UFO has been taken out, a Molten Core will fall from it. Collect the Core, 300 Pixels, and an Iron Anvil to craft the Metal Workstation.

Select your workstation and type-in Beta in the Search Tab below. Choose the Starmap Upgrade MK2 and go back to your ship. Once you’re inside your ship, go to your Flight Station where you will be able to choose between Alpha and Beta Sectors.

Gamma Sector
To make the Gamma Sector, you will need to craft a Robotic Crafting Table. In order to do so, you will need a Processor, 20 Steel Bars, 600 Pixels, and a Wooden Crafting Table.

The hardest part is to find the Processor; but once you have done so, make the Starmap Upgrade MK3 and once again go back to you ship and choose Gamma Sector.

Delta Sector
Firstly, you will need to open up your Metal Workstation and type-in Decoy in the Search Tab below. You will see Decoy Princess show up at the top. You will be required a 100 Wood Planks, 2000 Pixels, 20 Fabric, and 50 Titanium Bars.

Once you have done so, you will be able to call-in the Dragon King boss. It is recommended that you grab a gun from Gamma Sector as it really helps in taking out this boss. Once the Dragon is taken out, it will drop an MK3 upgrade which can be used in Flight Station to choose Delta Sector.

X Sector
After you have successfully unlocked the Delta Sector, you will need to open up your Robotic Workstation and craft Creature Capture Station. After crafting this Creature Capture Station, you will be required to make Peanut Butter Trap.

Place the Peanut Butter Trap and call in the Jelly Boss and take it out. After you take out the boss, it will drop an Endomorphic Jelly. Now, get the Jelly and along with Steel Bars; craft the Durasteel Bars upgrade which will unlock the final sector of the game.

If you happen to stuck somewhere or need any further help, comment below and we will help you out!