Starbound Beginner’s Guide

Starbound; a two-dimensional Platformer Adventure is developed by Chucklefish. The game allows players to roam the vast hostile universe in your spaceship to explore planets and finding ways to ensure your survival by any means necessary.

As of now, the game is in its beta phase. Therefore, expect some glitches and bugs. This beginner’s guide will make you familiar with the universe and other stuff you need to know before putting on your spacesuit.

How To Regenerate Health
One way of regenerating your health is to craft a wooden bed. Wooden bed can be crafted by 15 wooden planks. Once you have successfully crafted the bed; hop into your cozy blanket and start regenerating your health.

You need to note that while you’re regenerating your health, you will not be able to attack.

Another way of regenerating your health is by creating bandages. Creating a bandage require four Plant Fibers without the need for a crafting table.

Hunting Bow
Hunting Bow is a great weapon to take out hostile aliens in an instant. It is not necessary to have a crafting table in order to craft a Hunting Bow. You will require one Plant Fiber and 15 Unrefined Wood to craft it.

Hunting Bow has pretty decent range and damage. The range can further be increased by holding down the fire button which will make your bow flash. As for arrows, you do not need to craft them separately.

Hunting Knife
Hunting Knife is another great tool to get you out of tight spots. Since it’s a knife, you shouldn’t expect a decent range, but you can always hurt enemies with another weapon and drop the killing blow with it.

It can be crafted by collecting 30 Pixels and 10 Iron Bars. Aliens will drop meat and leather before dying.

Techs can be explained as upgrades for your character that can only be found via tech-chips found in high-tech chests scattered throughout the universe. Once you have found a tech, you can lock it in inside your ship.

Surviving on Moon
Surviving on Moon and other cold planets can be very frustrating at times owning to low temperatures. Luckily, there is a way out! The first thing you need to do is to craft a Yarn Spinner from 100 Wooden Planks.

Once you have crafted the Yarn Spinner, you will get Snow Infantry Chest and Helmet, which will give you great protection against cold weather. However, you will need to farm 33 leather to make both Chest and Helmet. Aliens drop leather when they are killed with a Hunting Bow or Hunting Knife.

I have discussed more about crafting Hunting Bow and Hunting Knife above! You can damage your enemy with any weapon and deliver the killing blow with a Bow or knife to collect Leather.

How to Get a Pet
In Starbound, you can have your very own pet animal. In order to capture one, you will require to make a Creature Capture Station which will require 20 Durasteel Bars and 2500 Pixels. After doing so, access it and craft Capture Pod, which will take eight Steel Bars and 400 Pixels.

Once you have made it all; head to a location where you expect some monsters lurking. Keep on attacking your desired monster until you drop its health to almost 50% and throw your Capture Pod to catch it.

Your creature will now join you in fights and follow you around, but you need to be careful as it can easily be left behind and die in a combat.

Once your creature has died, there is no way of recovering it.

Note: You must defeat Dragon King before you could craft Creature Capture Station.

Matter Blocks
Matter Blocks are rare pieces of equipment that can be located scattered throughout the universe of Starbound. These blocks hold significant value as they are used in crafting many items; primarily, armor.

Head to:

Alpha Calliope Majoris II a
X: -27191715
Y: 90414438

Beta Decimata 72 I a
X: 23892478
Y: 17196836

and get to the center of the lab to find a device which you will need to use in order to make the Matter Blocks appear. Once you have used the device, some blocks will appear around you, and you will have to mine through them to find the desired product.

How to Get More Songs
After getting a new instrument, you will notice that you can only have a limited number of songs that you can play. In order to get more songs, head to the following site and download your favorite songs. After that put them in the installed Steam directory and they will appear in the game:

Steam – Steam Apps – Common – Starbound – Assets – Songs

Repairing your Axe
While playing the game, you will notice that your Axe gets damaged over the course of time. However, these weapons can be repaired using any of the ores at your disposal.

Once you have selected the ore (preferable Copper) simply hover over the icon of your damaged weapon and right click to repair it.

You can also fly in Starbound, but you will need to have some tech in order to do so. I have listed four techs that will help you hover in the air and help you in boss fights.

I would not recommend keeping these techs activated at all times. Instead, use them to get at intervals to get your characters a little boost.

Bubble Boost
This is particularly useful in covering large distances but you will be missing out on useful items underwater.

Butterfly Boost
This will give you a more sense of control over your character’s flying ability with reduced speed.

Gravity Bubble
Gravity Bubble also has a slower speed than Bubble Boost but you will reach much higher altitudes than with anything else.

Gravity Neutralizer
And finally, this works almost identical to that of Gravity Bubble but is primarily used to hover in the mid-air than traveling.

If you something missing or confusing, comment below and we will get back to you!