Ryse: Son of Rome Gets Free and Paid DLC

Looks like Crytek and Microsoft have just released two new sets of DLC to Ryse: Son of Rome’s Gladiator co-op mode. One of these is a free update while the other is a paid add-on.

The news was announced by Microsoft on Xbox Wire. The free content consists of two new level events in the gladiator mode of the game. These events take place randomly across a variety of maps.

In the first, a turret will appear on the map and fire arrows at the player until it is destroyed. In the second, some statues of Roman Dieties appear that the gladiator can use to acquire powerups such as increased health or focus.

The second content pack is called the Colosseum pack and will cost players $3.99. It features two brand new arenas called Henge and Ascension. In the former, players will find themselves in a forest shine, having to seize it from enemies and hold it for Rome.

In Ascension, gladiators will fight in an arena built to recreate the depths of Hades’ lair. Participants will have to fight their way across this fiery pit and make thair way up to the lavish surface world.

Lastly, we have the two new gladiator skins. The first is called the Centurion armor, and is colored silver and purple while the second; Commodus, made to resemble the breastplate of Commodus, the twisted son of Emperor Nero.