Gran Turismo 6 Updated With Red Bull Challenge and Other New Content

You might see an update on your screen when you pop in your disc of Gran Turismo 6 and press play. That’s because Polyphony Digital has just released a patch which includes the Red Bull X Challenge along with two new cars.

Red Bull X and the two new cars are part of a collaboration between Infiniti Red Bull Racing and Polyphony. You can take part in the challenge and other tracks in the game with the Red Bull Racing Kart or Red Bull X2014 Junior.

The patch also features the Consecutive Login Bonus, which gives players up to a 200% more credits for simply logging into Gran Turismo 6 five days in a row.

Logging in every day after will earn players additional credits. Aside from that, polyphony has also boosted the overall credit gain from Career Mode.

They’ve also lowered the entry requirements of some seasonal events. Now player only need to have a National B license in order to participate in Seasonal Events.

Two new events have been announced, the first running December 20 through January 17, 2014 and the latter running January 2 through January 30. For a limited time, these events will offer vehicles as prizes.

Two more cars, the Red Bull X2014 Standard and Fan cars, as well as the second part of the X Challenge will be added to Gran Turismo 6 at a later date.

Source: PlayStation Blog