Football Manager 2014 Update 14.2.0 is Live

Looks like Sports Interactive has just released the 14.2.0 patch for Football Manager 2014 and there are some new changes that will make a lot of people happy in it. There are some new modifications to the in-game match engine as well as overall game stability.

Check out the changes to competitions and rules for some cool new changes. They’ve fixed the bug where sometimes the Belgian season would simply not happen.

They also fixed the problem that was happening with the Scottish Premiership Playoff matches getting scheduled for five consecutive days in a row.

Another change that many players will be happy about is the reduction of pointless shot attempts. This will make it slightly less damaging to buy players who prefer long shots.

Here’s the changelog itself for you.

Football Manager 2014 is a football management simulation game published by SEGA and was released on the PC on October 30 of this year.

Sports Interactive released a iOS and Android version on November 14. There are also plans to release one for the PlayStation Vita sometime in the future.