New FIFA 14 and NBA 2K14 Title Updates Available Now!

You sit back on that couch in your lounge munching on a bag of chips and call upon your friends to one on one bout in your favorite games all day long – it is that time of the year.

Since it is the holiday season, we expect you’d want to play a lot of games like FIFA 14 and NBA 2K14. So EA and 2K Games both have released FIFA 14 and NBA 2K14 Title Updates.

FIFA 14 first; the title update has been released to PlayStation 4 and will soon come out to Xbox One. Here is the rundown on the areas that the update is supposed to hit:

  • The stability issues faced by players when entering online matches have been fixed.
  • Previously, users with a large friends list couldn’t access certain online features, this has been fixed.
  • The Goalkeepers will now be allowed to change camera angles in the Clubs Mode.
  • Certain stadiums have received modifications to the camera angles in order to improve playability.
  • Once the Brazuca match ball is redeemed in the EAS FC Catalogue it will now appear properly in the FUT.
  • Some online issues regarding match invites have been fixed.
  • Improvements have been made to certain Kinect Global Speech Commands.
  • Mismatched roster names in Seasons Matches have been resolved.
  • Virtual Pro Ball Skills that kept varying from game to game have been taken care of.
  • In Pro Clubs, Friends Clubs list will now appear instead of random lists.

As far as NBA 2K14 is concerned, 2K Games has made sure that those Xbox One players who would be feeling bad that EA is keeping them wait on the FIFA 14 update, would be compensated.

They did so by releasing the NBA 2K14 Title Update 3 to the Xbox One fans first. PlayStation 4 will get the update some days later.

The patch notes for the update have not been received yet so you might have to wait a bit for the exact detail – we will update you as soon as we get them.

We have picked up news that peple aren’t able to save rosters to the hard drives and the game is still crashing in the My Career mode for some people. We hope that these two issues will be catered to with the patch.

Keep checking back for an update.