Check Out Call of Duty Online Cyborg Zombies Mode in Action

Free to play Call of Duty Online game exclusive for Asian market is going to get an additional mini game based on the hugely popular zombie story, only this time it is not just zombies, it is Cyborg Zombies!

Call of Duty Online Cyborg Zombies mode was discovered couple of weeks ago and it is similar to the Call of Duty Zombies mode from World at War, Black Ops 1 and 2. Today, we have the first gameplay video!

The YouTuber has narrated through the video telling us about the four playable classes explaining each one of them. He also goes on to differentiate between the Cyborg Zombies and the traditional Call of Duty Zombies modes.

Most prominently, you will be playing eleven rounds in an area before you can evacuate it which comes in contrast to having to face endless hordes of zombies.

Here’s a breakdown of each class with their signature equipment and perks they earn in return for surviving each round:



  • Ice Trap
  • Monkey Momb
  • Money Grenade

Survival Perks

  • Sharpshooter Soda – 3 rounds: Reduces ADS spread and sniper rifle sway
  • Big Kill Soda – 6 rounds: Carry and extra weapons



  • Shock Trap
  • Random Portal
  • Sticky Grenade


  • Discount Soda – 3 rounds: Get 10% off weapons and perks
  • Energy Soda – 6 roundss: Increase chance of electrical blast from perk machines



  • Dwarf Trap
  • Rescue Knife
  • Money Grenade

Survival Perks

  • PHD Flopper – 3 rounds: Immune to explosives and falling injuries
  • Carpenter Soda – 6 rounds: Rebuild barriers faster and plant C4 explosives



  • Fire Trap
  • Black Hole Grenade
  • Ray Jumps

Survival Perks

  • Stamina – 3 rounds: Run faster and sprint duration is increased
  • Scavenger – 6 rounds: Pick up ammunition from dead cyborgs

How interested are you in Call of Duty Online Cyborg Zombies mode? Will you be playing it?