Call of Duty Ghosts Third Clan War Rewards are Lucrative

Now that the Call of Duty Ghosts Third Clan Wars has started it is time that you be told what you will be taking out of the whole event if you are participating. The Clan War of Federation territory in Caracas, Venezuela will get you two new pieces of rewards.

A post on the official community site of Call of Duty Ghosts has detailed the two new unlockable pieces of content for the top performing clans namely Folklore Nomore and Body Count Reaper.

Folklore Nomore is unlocked through the Rainswept Achievement for finishing in the top 3 of the Caracas Clan War.

The Body Count Reaper, on the other hand, will be awarded to those who placed first in the Gold Division or higher when playing in the two previous Clan Wars, though they will still have to work a little more for it. The content will be unlocked via the Unstoppable Achievement.

You will have to win three Clan Wars in Gold Division or higher.

Call of Duty Ghosts Third Clan Wars went live yesterday December 18 and will go on until 12PM PST, December 23 and there is going to be plenty of other achievements up for grabs during these five days.

Are you joining the Clan Wars this time?