AMD Mantle API Demo by Oxide Games is Jaw-Dropping

Ever since AMD announced the Mantle API and how it would bring a huge performance boost in games, we’ve been wondering whether all of that was just PR talk or not.

In a recent AMD event, recently formed developer Oxide Games took the stage to showcase an impressive demo and explain how their work is helping develop the Mantle API.

The demo, comprising of a sneak peek into what a next-generation Homeworld would look like, comes up in the video above at the 26 minutes mark. Oxide has made it clear that their work is just for demonstration purposes and they don’t have any plans on making an entire game in the same style.

The demo though is mighty impressive, showing a spaceship fighting against enemy space vessels, all the while dodging meteor fragments, suns and planets. The lighting effects and overall visual fidelity is jaw-dropping and according to Oxide the demo incorporates a total of 25,000 objects.

Oxide Games revealed themselves to be one of the first AMD partners that is heavily involved in working on first version of Mantle API. AMD’s new technology is far from finalized but the work so far is indeed looking promising.

The Mantle API is said to boost PC performance in games by granting a greater access of the hardware to developers; who in turn can pull the full power of a CPU or GPU. The first version was said to be released in December for Battlefield 4 but we’ve yet to get a confirmation on that.