Wii Fit U Packaged Retail Version May Be Delayed to January 10, 2014

Truly acting like ninjas, the folks over at Nintendo were nearly able to slip this past right under our noses, but the good people at Nintendo Enthusiast were too vigilant to just let it go. It seems that the packaged retail version of Wii Fit U, which includes the game, a balance board and a fit meter, has been delayed to January 10.

Some individual parts of the game are already available of course, you can get a fit meter in stores right now, and download the 31-day trial version of the game at any time. On top of that, if you already have a balance board, you might already be playing the game yourself.

Normally, I’m quite put out by delays, but I think this one might be for the best for Nintendo. Targeting an early January release allows them to avoid the Holiday season madness, and gives potential customers incentive to buy (losing the fat they’ve undoubtedly accumulated these past few weeks).

The Disc version of the game launched in Europe on December 6 and failed to make any kind of a splash. Perhaps the late launch could help them out.

Source: Nintendo Enthusiast