Star Citizen’s Dogfighting Module Delayed Due to Lack of Backend Support

In a letter addressed to the community, creator of Star Citizen Chris Roberts announced today that his team has decided to delay the game’s dogfighting module by several months. During this time the developers will shift their focus on getting the game’s server backend running and look to work on “CryEngine’s existing multiplayer structure.”

Roberts mentioned that the high number of people in the Alpha means that the game requires a robust backend support and hence can’t risk developing modules over an unstable platform.

“A lobby system, spinning up servers to handle each session, all things that we are building the new Star Citizen backend to handle,” wrote Roberts. “Unfortunately the server backend technology will not be ready for prime time for a couple more months. But this is really what I would like to run the dogfighting on, as it will link into your hangar, friend’s lists, chat and so on.”

Roberts revealed that his team at one point considered simply making a single-player game but then decided against it in light of the idea taking up additional development time.

“So we had two choices: either fork development and spend time building something that would involve throwing away work in order to meet the December deadline and deliver something that wouldn’t have the level of polish I’m happy with, or stay on course to build something that would lead directly into the finished game.”

You can read Roberts’ letter in full right here.