The Next Mass Effect Game – Let’s Go Knee Deep

Roll back to 2012, Mass Effect 3 was released to healthy acclaim all over the globe but it was the last game in the trilogy. Obviously that didn’t mean it was the last game for the universe; BioWare made sure we know that through a year full of insights into the next Mass Effect game.

Since BioWare GM Aaryn Flynn broke news in September 2012 that their team was already planning the next game, we have come to leaked information from a private fan panel held last month that details new species like Asari, Salarian, Human, and Krogan.

What has happened in between is equally important though. We were told that the trilogy was over so there will be no more Commander Shepard instead we will get to go into the world with “something fresh and new.”

In the same context, character possibilities were discussed back in May.

Possbilities that BioWare motioned towards included maybe something detailing Garrus’ time in C-Sec or an all new story of an investigator on the Citadel – I personally feel Garrus could be a good choice.

Twitter has played a promising role in relaying news about the next Mass Effect game too. It was there that we found out that Chris Wynn (Gears of War) joined the Mass Effect team as senior director development.

I don’t think this will impact the gameplay as that is not what a producer’s job is.

More importantly, we know through the same medium that the third person shooter and RPG elements will be maintained, same goes for the in-game same-sex relationships with other characters.

Come N7 BioWare dropped what could be the bomb so far. A series of Tweets with pictures showed their team working on the big game. We saw the first look at what could be the playground in the next Mass Effect game.

The first Tweet showed wallpaper from within the game with sand dunes and desert – could this be the next planet?

Another came with a pretty intense reveal; we could get hand cannons to join the usual assault rifles that came in the last game and then there was a character being designed; a human in a suit of armor which might just be our next protagonist!

Check out all the images shared at the bottom of the post.

Moving on, if the leaked information from a private fan panel is to be believed, we will be seeing Asari, Salarians, Humans and Krogans. There will be a skeletal looking race with glowing eyes and necks frilled up from their chest as well an ancient, advanced, guardian race resembling sci-fi rock golems.

Oh and there could also be a greater emphasis on exploration and discovery – for good.

Looking at how BioWare is throwing in pinches of information regarding the next Mass Effect game since over a year now, I think the next year will bring in more concrete details – I hope to God it happens so.