Hyrule Warriors is the New Zelda Spinoff Coming To Wii U Next Year

Nintendo Direct today has been a pretty happening event. First a free Celebi Pokemon was announced for certain Pokemon X & Y players and then a whole new game was announced.

Nintendo is working on a Zelda spinoff, the Hyrule Warriors which is basically Zelda world with gameplay inspired by Dynasty Warriors.

Nintendo has teamed up with Tecmo Koei to combine the long-running Dynasty Warrior series with the Zelda series for a spinoff that is going to come out to Wii U next year.

Do keep in mind that this is not the next installment in the Zelda universe, in fact, it is going to be an offshoot with a touch of differentiation in comparison to the world or Zelda.

A gameplay video was also shared for Hyrule Warriors which shows clear similarities with Dynasty Warrior series’ melee combat. You see Link smashing through a horde of hundreds of goblins, totally Warrior-style.

You will see the conventional weapons of Link in Hyrule Warriors too; the video shows him standing over a chest where he retrieves his weapons from.

That being said, I honestly hope that they incorporate a workable co-op play into the game as the video above is just meant to be for such a gameplay.

Same goes for additional characters like Sheik and Skull Kid. What do you think?