De_cbble and Overpass Maps Coming to Counter Strike Global Offensive

Undoubtedly the best iteration of one of the most renowned PC based shooter games; Counter Strike Global Offensive is getting two new maps in the multiplayer.

A post on the game’s blog announced the news a couple of days ago. The post went on to explain both the maps in great detail too. De_cbble, as many of the old Counter Strike players would know, is not really a new map. It is a remake of an old one.

“De_cbble’s uniquely large scale meant it was a lot of fun on servers with lots of players. Our goal was to retain this aspect while making the map more interesting and viable for more intimate 5v5 play.”

Overpass on the other hand is a brand new map specifically for Counter Strike Global Offensive. The gameplay in the map is fast and in a European setting. GSG9’s mission is to defend a stalled shipment of the military on the canal overpass. Phoenix faction on the other hand will either attack the shipment or destroy the bridge.

“The design of Overpass benefited a great deal from our experiences upgrading Mirage, and from the incredibly helpful feedback we’ve gotten from the CSGO community since,” reads the post.

Are you playing the game these days?