Samsung Announces “Smartphone Gamepad” for Android

Smasung has launched a gamepad for Android 4.1 phones which is simply titled “Smartphone Gamepad.”

The gadget features an eight-way D-Pad, two analog sticks, four buttons, two triggers (located at each shoulder) and in all weighs in at 195g. While the Smartphone Gamepad will work with all Android smartphones, some features – including a ‘Play’ button – are exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy family.

It though supports a limited number of games. The accompanying ‘Mobile Console’ app helps users in that regard by allowing them to browse through the list of supported titles and if interested purchase them directly.

The pad also gives owners the option of enjoying a sort of console experience by connecting it to their TV using an HDMI cable and hence play titles on their television. This feature though is compatible with only Samsung Galaxy devices.

The gadget is available for purchase now in “select” countries in Europe but the announcement by Samsung did not mention a price. The company also confirmed that the gamepad will be available in other markets “in the coming week”.

Samsung’s jump into this market comes after its competitor Apple, which already has allowed third-party gamepads for the iPhone with iOS 7.

Source: Samsung Mobile Press