The Original Tomb Raider Now Available on iOS for $1

It’s always a good thing to get some of the classic games with you on the go. The genre defining adventure game, the original Tomb Raider is now available on iPad and iPhone! Let the artifact quest begin!

The game was released to iOS today for a price of a single buck which is surely a good thing since most of us wouldn’t mind spending that just to get one of their childhood favorite adventure games in their phones.

Tomb Raider 1 Mobile is compatible with at least iPad 1 or better. For better performance you could try the game out on iPad Retina or iPhone 5 – the game runs at 60 fps on these. In order to enhance your gaming experience, certain game controllers are compatible like iCade, iControl Cad, Bladepad and MFI game controllers.

Something that the original game didn’t have, iCloud saving will allow you to save the games to the virtual memory. Also, the bugs from the original version have been fixed. You will also be able to play Tomb Raider Unfinished Business levels – you can toggle them from the main menu.

The biggest plus is the customizable controls. Apart from the typical up, left, right and back; you get certain additional buttons: view mode toggle, Run/Walk Toggle, Roll/360-degree turn button, jump button, small buttons for strafing left and right, a button with a hand and one with a gun.

Do try out Tomb Raider 1 on your iPhone today.