Marvel Heroes Lets You Pay $100+ Now For Content You Might Get In 2015

Massively multiplayer online (MMO) game Marvel Heroes has revealed a roadmap for its content on PC in the coming years.

More so, the roleplaying game (RPG) with a star-studded cast of superheroes and villains is allowing its users to buy into upcoming items early with new Advance Packs.

Primarily, the game details what heroes will join the already amped up roster, after previous announcements for Loki and Gambit. A dozen Heroes in total will be added as playable characters. Ten of these are known now. We’ll detail those below:

  • Dr. Strange
  • Juggernaut
  • Magneto
  • Moon Knight
  • Nightcrawler
  • Psylocke
  • Silver Surfer
  • Star-Lord
  • Sue Storm
  • Venom

It’s always interesting to see what personas are categorized in which priority. You’d think that an A-list star like Magneto would be top ranked, yet here he is subbing in.

Anyway, Marvel Heroes announced that these playable characters will be up for pre-purchase in an Advance Pack. This comes in either Standard Edition or Deluxe Edition.

With the Standard Edition, you’ll receive all Heroes, together with alternative costume, as they become available, plus two additional unannounced ones later on. Three sets of Fortune Cards of respectively Mark IV, V and Mark VI will gradually make it to your account as well.

This is similarly true for 12 Retcon Devices and 12 Hero Stash Tabs, which trickle in along with their Heroes. A standard pack costs you $99.99

For the Deluxe Edition, all dozen packs are doubled up to 24 units. Furthermore, you’ll get Gambit’s “As Death” and Wolverine’s “Fear Itself” Enhanced Costume one month before they’ll go up for official sale. This pack has a price tag of $129.99.

A few caveats are added to the pre-sale. For instance, those who order the Deluxe Edition before the end of the year will additionally receive a Ghost Rider bundle. More importantly, content is said to release as far away as 2015, with some items not receiving a concrete date at all. You’re totally welcome to already lock down your Benjamins now though.

Lastly, Nova has been announced as a separate character as well. He’ll be implemented somewhere in 2014.