Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 Gets The Guided Tour

Publisher Square Enix released a new trailer (a guided tour) for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13, the game with the reverse tagline. It shows off the title’s premise, as well as a rundown of the features players can expect.

Footage is riddled with cutscenes, from both in-game actions as cinematic events. Both look quite visually crisp, to say the least, with smooth textures and tons of added effects to cast a myriad of life in set pieces.

In this game, players will be tasked with freeing the world from chaos in 13 days. To do so, a hero awakens from crystal stasis, to free the souls of man. That person is Lightning.

Changing with the times, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 is noted as being an action roleplaying game (RPG). Combat can be seen performed by the flick of a button, instead of using menus.

With a wide variety of costumes present, players can change the stats of their character. Furthermore, schemes can be altered in mid-combat for added versatility.

When not fighting, there are 4 different regions to explore, with open expanses in many different environments. Some sections will require stealth and detective skills, while others will offer timed quests.

Time is also applied to certain dungeon doors, which are open or closed depending on the time of day. Be careful not to get caught in closed rooms!

During the game, you’ll also get reacquainted with the cast from previous Final Fantasy 13 iterations. There may even be a new face or two.

Some side content was shown off as well. For instance, you can upload high scores or purchase items created by other users. You can also take snapshots. Surely, that will be used appropriately.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 already released in Japan, but will come to Western regions in February of 2014.