Overall, Kickstarter Game Funding Crossed $200 Million in 2013

Out of $919 million in total for all of its project types, Kickstarter game funding manage to rack up $200 Million throughout 2013.

The way Kickstarter works is that unless your project is successfully funded, all pledges made are cancelled. Removing all of the underfunded game projects, Kickstarter still attributed to $178 million for game developers.

This year a total of 7,922 game projects were launched, out of which the overall success rate was 35 percent. Comparatively the music department saw to a 55 percent success rate with 26,462 launched projects.

The video game platform seems to be the most lucrative for Kickstarter. To date only 54 campaigns have raised more than $1 million. A total of 29 from this figure are video game projects and are from 2013. Furthermore 1,028 campaigns hit the most common threshold of between $1,000 and $9,999 raised.

Source: Kickstarter