Infinite Crisis Details Robin Character In Profile Video

A new profile video is available for Infinite Crisis, which talks about the playable character Robin. This is the Robin version known as Tim Drake, which is a person who was able to identify who Batman truly is.

Fittingly so, Robin’s passive skill is all about pointing fingers. His ability called This Guy marks a certain target every few seconds. Attacking the mark does bonus damage and restores Will and Energy to Robin.

Actively, players can make use of Vault Kick, which is a straight line attack for basic damage. A target can also be knocked down as Robin flips back to keep his distance.

With Bo Master, it’s possible to reflect attack damage and lower an opponent’s speed. Through its use, it’s possible to alternatively let Vault Kick rush through an enemy.

As a supportive element, Dynamic Duo increases an ally’s move speed and grants attack and power damage lifesteal options. It also restores will and energy when a target is consumed.

Robin’s biggest attack is called Emergent Leader, which uses his staff to do damage to an area of effect. Each enemy struck in this radius is knocked back and increases attack and power damage for nearby allies.

Further in the clip, there are some tips on how to play with Robin Character. Mainly, he’s useful to have around as a support character, to pick at enemies and boost allies. His Vault Kick also has multiple uses, allowing him to perform jabs or using its distance to flee from battle.