Ghosts N Goblins: Demon World Sequel Canceled for Violation of Copyrights

It’s a good thing when you plan to develop a game inspired by another and Kickstarter is a great place to bring your ideas into reality.

Yet the catch is, you should not be violating someone’s copyrights and the ideas you bring to Kickstarter should be genuine. Ghosts N Goblins: Demon World Sequel was being developed by Phantasm Studios but the game has now been canceled for breach of copyrights.

Ghosts N Goblins: Demon World sequel was canceled by Kickstarter itself after it was highlighted by Capcom that the developing studio was infringing their intellectual property rights. A request was filed by Capcom on November 19 and acted upon yesterday.

“The project acknowledges its goal is to create an update to the Ghosts N Goblins franchise based upon the characters, stories, music and other copyrightable elements of the Property,” reads a post on now defunct Kicstarter page of the game.

It further states that “such unauthorized update would clearly violate Capcom’s exclusive rights under copyright law to create derivative works of the Property. It would also violate Capcom’s trademark rights in the Property. The project admits it will need Capcom’s permission to proceed and has not received one. To its knowledge, Capcom has not been contacted by the project.”

Had not the project been canceled, it would have released Ghosts N Goblins: Demon World Sequel to Nintendo eShop, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.

Were you looking forward to it?