Free Payday 2 Charlie Santa Heist DLC Out On PC, But Not on Consoles

If you play Payday 2, you should find the Charlie Santa Heist DLC in your library now. In the spirit of the holidays, this is free to all owners; that is, if you own the game on Steam.

For console owners, no word is out on this free batch of content. It’s not to everyone’s liking if you look at the game’s social media feeds.

Then again, the Charlie Santa Heist is more of a PC-focused event anyway. In this robbery, players will do a job on the GO Bank. It’s inspired by Counterstrike: Global Offensive. Yes, we know that shooter is out on consoles too, but it draws a bigger crowd on PC.

Along with the new map, players receive a weapon modification gift as well. A weapon sight can zoom in on the action, should things turn sour.

It’s possible to also receive a free Santa mask, but there’s a catch. To unlock this item, you’ll need to join the official Payday 2 group on Steam.

A trailer recounts the bank job. Its setting is formed as a news broadcast that looks over security camera feeds and aerial views.

After some tussles and vault hopping, a balloon can be seen extended from the building. A few seconds later, a small plane rushes past and picks up the balloon and darts off with its content.

Santa then exits the building with his cronies.  He menacingly stops by an onlooker recording the robbery with his cellphone turned the wrong way. It should be a crime to film things in vertical view.

Previously, Payday 2 also added an Armored Transport DLC.