Did you Know There are Unlockable Characters in Knack for PS4?

Playstation 4’s launch title Knack has a few unlockable characters which can be accessed by collecting a certain number of a particular relic. The news comes directly from game’s director, Mark Cenry on Playstation EU Blog.

Depending upon the kind of relics collected; each version differs from others based on powers and other attributes. Read below to know the detail about each of these Knack versions:

Vampire Knack
Like the name suggests, Vampire Knack has the ability to draw health from his opponents. He has some pretty strong attacks on his disposal but costs him his life as he attacks. Vampire Knack can be unlocked by collecting 15 Ruby Relics.

Massive Knack
This version can be unlocked by collecting Emerald Relics. This one is also quite strong but the capability of storing only super move’s energy is a bummer.

Brittle Knack
Collect Aquamarine Relics and you will get yourself a Brittle Knack. This version is literally very brittle and can be dispersed when attacked. Nevertheless, extremely powerful attacks make the Brittle Knack an ideal choice.

Dark Knack
Having super strong defense; Dark Knack can be unlocked by collecting Amethyst Relics.

Sunstone Knack
Unlike the Dark Knack, Sunstone Knack has some extremely powerful basic attacks and longer lasting super moves. Collect Sunstone Relics and you will unlock him.

Diamond Knack
The perfect in every attribute! Collecting Diamond Relics will get you this rare Knack which not only has extremely powerful attacks but also has insane defense.

Head over to Playstation EU Blog to know more about each version.