Conservative Facebook Group Uses BioShock Infinite Visuals as Propaganda

Naturally, as holiday season draws near, the gaming world starts to go quieter day by day and crazy news stories start pouring in. Here’s one; National Liberation Federation which is a conservative Tea Party, known mostly over Facebook, took a page out of the visuals of BioShock Infinite, with totally no tongue in the cheek.

Apparently, someone over at the conservative group thought that it would be a good idea to use the an image from BioShock Infinite as propaganda of their own. In doing so, what they failed to notice was that the game used that kind of imagery for making a point which is exactly opposite to the view of NLF.

The image (above) was used by the group on their Facebook page, though it has been removed now. In BioShock Infinite, a game by Irrational Games, the image saying “For God and Country – It Is Our Holy Duty To Guard Against The Foreign Hordes” was used satirically to mock the real world conservative politics.

It is a pity it was reused by an ultra-conservative group of people who really mean it when they say it.

The group’s page dictates that their motive is to emphasize “the importance of free enterprise, limited government, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty and American heritage.”

I guess racism and saying no to immigration is their way of emphasizing and promoting “American Heritage.” I am glad that the rest of the Americans do not live in the world where they do.