EA Bringing Battlefield 4 Gaming Tank in Australia to Promote the Game

Are you a Battlefield 4 crazy fan? Do you happen to be living in Australia? Well if you are both, you are in luck. If you are only the latter, I think you’ll become a Battlefield fan after you see Electronic Arts’ Battlefield 4 Gaming Tank rolling on the streets of Australia.

There are times when EA gets really creative with the marketing strategies; this is one of those times. The company has built what could be called the perfect gaming tank or you could call it an armored troop carrier.

What makes it interesting is that this Battlefield 4 Gaming Tank houses the perfect gaming station for six Battlefield 4 players inside of it. Packed with 6 beefy PCs inside that render the game at its optimal settings, it is the perfect place to play the game.

Battlefield 4 Gaming Tank is supposed to roam the streets of Australia sometime in 2014 which is just a part of cheesy promotion campaign. Are you going to be there to watch it tour Australia – and maybe try the game out if you can?

Check out the video above to see the tank being built by EA.