The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2 Features Revealed

Developer Neocore Games revealed the key features that will build their PC sequel, The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing 2. It will employ the basics from its progenitor and take into account the feedback from the community.

First off, it will look to its first release to build in three classes from the start in the second iteration. Gamers can choose between a Hunter with both melee and ranged skills, the magical Thaumaturge or an Archane Mechanic, who will work with contraptions.

The latter two characters were downloadable content (DLC) when the game first launched. Now, they’ll be included in the core design for the follow-up. If the price stays the same, this means that buyers will save up €3.99 for each added fighter, which is the current DLC price.

Once again, gameplay can take a rest through its Hunter’s Lair hub, where players can trade items and collect their winnings. This place is also used as a connection between locations and as a crafting station.

Aside from the basic crafting tools, a new fragmentation system will extend the format to break down items into basic shards. It’s possible to then build them back up from scratch to make new things.

Lairs can be decorated with trophies, which yield global modifiers to characters. With the return of Lady Katarina as a companion, these trophies will equally allow her to become more proficient.

Tower defense designs are improved in the sequel, with over 7 levels in which to fend off enemy waves. Additionally, allied troops can be given better equipment and so on.

A Rage system allows an application of buffs to 8 active skills, by spending points.

A Chimera can be found during your travels. Once claimed, it can be used in combat or it can be given the task to hunt for treasure.

Multiplayer comes back to the sequel with player versus player options that allow up to 8 people or a cooperative campaign set for 4.

Neocore Games recently sat down with us for a detailed interview. There, they mentioned that the Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing II is the second game to release in a trilogy.