The Best PC Games of 2013

It is that time of the year when most of what the year had to offer has passed us by, and we get ready to reflect back to all that we have experienced and start to judge the merits of its offerings.

We here at Segment Next have compiled our own best of 2013 for every category of games that came out during the year.

The following article will present five best games in its particular category, and the winner will be determined by the result of the reader poll in the coming month.

Best PC Games of 2013

Often mistakenly considered as an afterthought of the gaming industry, the PC has proved time and time again that it is anything but.

From a platform for free to play and social games to the preferred device for the enthusiasts for high end presentation and precision controls, PC is the most versatile of all gaming platforms as is evident from the games it featured in the year of 2013.

BioShock Infinite
Coming from the developers of the first BioShock, Infinite had a lot to live up to and boy did it deliver in spades. The attention to detail in the visual and audio presentation for the game is spectacular, and as it turns out, the game is as fun to play as it is to look at.

The game managed to garner a near-universal critical acclaim for its unique storytelling, incorporation of world and atmosphere of Columbia, characterization of Elizabeth and her gameplay interactions as well as additions and changes to the gameplay mechanics.

The Multiplayer Online Battle Area sequel to the popular Defense of the Ancients (DoTA) mod to Warcraft III engine, DOTA 2 remains faithful to its predecessor while also increasing production quality as well as additions to gameplay.

Featuring 7 modes of play and 104 ‘heroes’, DOTA 2 provides the same addictive team-focused gameplay and deep and complex systems while maintaining balance to provide deep and rewarding competitive gameplay that has made it the go to MOBA of 2013.

Call of Duty: Ghosts
While many might joke around at the level of attention given to the dog in the marketing for Ghosts, no one can deny the importance of the game after it garnered more than one billion dollars in units sold in just the first 24 hours of its release.

Ghosts offers a marked departure from the Modern Warfare and Black Ops series as it not only changes the singleplayer campaign but also brings with it larger emphasis on ranged combat and ability to play in larger maps which also feature destructible areas.

This along with its 5 new multiplayer modes is what makes Ghosts such an entertaining addition into the Call of Duty franchise.

Battlefield 4
At the other end of the blockbuster first-person shooter spectrum was DICE’s Battlefield, which directly challenged the throne of COD brand with its fourth iteration this year again, tempting the fans of FPS genre with its gorgeous visuals.

Even though the game suffered bugs in its release window, Battlefield 4 kept its players entertained with its patented 64 player, sandbox FPS gameplay in its many destructible, dynamically changing massive multiplayer maps and dynamic between soldiers and commander in new modes like Obliteration and Defuse.

XCOM: Enemy Within
Enemy Within is a standalone expansion pack for the critically acclaimed 2012 reboot of the XCOM franchise; XCOM: Enemy Unknown

The game retains the core storyline, the presentation style and all the features of Enemy Unknwon and introduces new resource named “Meld”, new units, a brand new faction “Exalt” as well as addition of 47 new maps.

With all the new additions as well as the fact that it does not require Enemy Unknown to be played, XCOM: Enemy Within really feels like a sequel and a standalone entry that offers hours of fun gameplay and a perfect jumping point for anyone who has not sampled the XCOM games.