Inspired by Metroid, Deus Ex and Crysis, ReVeN Planned for Wii U Release

Developed by Varia Games, ReVeN is a sci-fi platformer and shooting game that’s heavily influenced by other dystopian futuristic games such as Metroid and Deus Ex.

The game is in the very beginning stages of development and will be released onto the Wii U, as well as the PC, Mac and Linux platforms.

The story follows an android named SyRek, who seems to be the last of his kind. Part of a drone espionage program, SyRek is capable of adapting to most situations on the fly by using what is called a ‘technological assimilation module’.

Players will use his large array of abilities to overcome obstacles and ‘face the evils that await within the depths of planet XR-Keres’.

The game also features an interesting mission creator, which is basically your standard level editor. Apparently, they’ll make available to the public the same tools they themselves used to make the game and will allow content creators to share their designs with the world.

Varia Games plans to start up their kickstarter campaign early in January, but until then you can head over and join their community here and talk to them yourselves.