Mythos Shutting Down Again on January 22, 2014

Free-to-play fantasy title Mythos is going to be shut down globally on January 22, 2014, publisher T3Fun announced today.

According to the announcement, the in-game shop will be disabled during maintenance on December 18, as they work on “a Compensation Model” that will “work mainly for users who made recent purchases.”

It is with great sadness that we would like to inform everyone that Mythos Global Server will close on January 22, 2014. We appreciate the time that you’ve spent for Mythos Global and we know how much pain this decision would bring to our beloved players.

This isn’t the first time that Mythos has been shut down. Last year the game’s European publisher Frogster ceased services for the game on October 27, 2012. In its last days, the publisher turned on maximum XP and Luck buffs for all servers, as well as held in-game events to see of the title.

Frogster cited that they did not achieve the “desired long-term success” with the game and hence it’s fruitless to run the game anymore. That was back then though and currently T3Fun has yet to reveal their reason of the closure.

Mythos has had a rocky history to say the least. It would a bit of a stretch to assume that the game could be resurrected in the future.

Source: Joystiq